Fat and carbs and carbs and fat and protein

There are always summer fairs and carnivals and events. And they always have fried food. The Calgary Stampede is no exception – and in fact, I think part of its allure is how creative the fried foods can be.

Deep fried seaweed, deep fried lemonade, deep fried soft shelled crab, deep fried jalapeño cheese. Shrimp corn dogs on classic Kennebec fries. And to think, I skipped the mini-donuts.

Anyone with diabetes who has eaten pizza knows that high carbs, with high fat, results in a long night of the never ending high blood sugars. But what about high fat, with minimal carbs? Surely the breading on cheese can’t make that much of an influence? And following it with two beers – nothing exceptional – and unbreaded chicken wings shouldn’t make that much of a difference? Right? Particularly if you’re bolusing for everything: a little bit for the cheese-breading, 20 g carb estimate for the wings’ sauce.

What a frigging joke. 19.9 mmol/l before bed. Take the standard correction factor, go to sleep. The next morning? 17.4 mmol/l.

Conclusion? There is no safe food.


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