baked beans with mashed “potatoes” and cheese

Anyone with diabetes will tell you potatoes are kind of the devil. They taste great. They have a lot of vitamins and carbs in them. But their glycemic index is through the roof, and this means your blood sugars react by going really high and then just staying high for a couple of hours. Boooo potatoes. (And yet, still yummmm French fries.)

Tonight’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Kerryann’s Cheesy Potato Pie (from his website), sans potatoes.

Instead of potatoes, I did a mix of celeriac root and cauliflower. For anyone who hasn’t tried them, celeriac root is one of my favourite mashed potato veggie replacements. You boil the root and cauliflower the same way you would potatoes, until they’re tender and mashable like a boiled potato would be. My recommendation, however, is to add garlic powder to whatever mash you make with these – compared to potatoes, their flavour can be a little bland, so it’s nice to add a bit in.

My experience with this sub and following the recipe exactly otherwise was a slightly watery mixture. I’d suggest cutting the milk, because the cauliflower and root are more watery than potatoes as is. Apart from that, the only carbs you’re going to end up with are whatever carbs are in the baked bean mixture you buy, so that’s a plus. I suppose you could fake it with straight kidney beans, but the sauce on the baked beans are what really give this recipe the kick.

So? Go try it! I’m going to try it once more before I rate it, but I think this was a good first attempt. Sided with boiled frozen peas, it was a great and healthy filling meal. I might work it in to the regular routine: it’s nice to have protein bean dishes with a bit of iron in them.


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