New Years Resolutions

I want to say I capitalized this post to underline its importance, but really autocorrect just kept thwarting me. I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions. For so many years my life just seemed completely overwhelming. I’d say I’d commit to something, but know that it would fizzle out a few months, that […]

eliminate the carbs

Facts of life: I have had diabetes for many, many years. And it’s exhausting. It’s tiring, it’s frustrating, and it’s actually almost every adjective you can think of that is not a synonym for “fun”. I started this blog because I had so many friends ask me for the recipes I made, about the food […]

“you’re”, not “ur”; also known as why i’m becoming the maiden aunt

  hey, it’s _______ how r u? much bets by fone! Seriously? Seriously. For anyone who is thankfully not in the awful online dating world, this is actually how it all starts. I mean, not really: it starts by filling out an online profile; by answering some questions about your favourite animal and whether women’s […]